Pursuing the Truth to Expose Hitler

1939. A 24-year old American journalist, recently returned from Europe to New York City, makes a stunning discovery. Hitler's Mein Kampf---as published in the United States---is sanitized.  Using Hitler’s own words from the original Nazi manifesto, he translates and writes an annotated condensed edition to expose the full measure of Hitler’s evil ideology, chilling anti-Semitism, and plans for world domination. Hitler's American publisher sues for copyright infringement.

Hitler on Trial  examines the journalist's early life, the people, and events that shaped him. This short book recounts his determination to warn America and the world to the danger of Hitler only months before Germany invades Poland and begins the march toward WWII.  
The journalist was Alan Cranston---future Senator from California, a leader in the U.S. Senate, and candidate for President. Cranston dedicated his life to public service, nuclear arms reduction, and world peace.

Author Lorraine H. Tong was Senator Cranston's legislative aide and advisor for foreign policy for eight years.

​​The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.    Edmund Burke

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Author Lorraine Tong with the Cranston edition of Mein Kampf  Photograph by David Rice

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